Trang College of Agriculture and Technology
Office of the Vocational Education Commission
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                Trang College of Agriculture and Technology which is one and long well of the 49 Colleges of Agriculture and Technology in Thailand. The college is located in the southern part of Thailand at Ban Lamphura , Natamnhua Sub District, Muang District, Trang Province, on the area of 953.60 acres. The College is governed by the Office of Vocational Education Commission


                     The college was established as the name of Primary school of Agriculture in 1935, then it was upgraded to be College named Trang Agricultural College in 1977 with. Now it has been changed to call as Trang College of Agriculture and Technology since 1996, for the further education which supplied with business and community.


                    Realize Ones' Duty and Responsibility



                   "Aim to produce the students to gain knowledge, skills and moral for them to work and spend their lives in social happily."



                  1. To manage formal agricultural education.
                  2. To train and serve community in agriculture careers.
                  3. To study and research for agricultural innovation and knowledge.
                  4. To manage the college farm based on the curriculum and community needs, which will be the student resource and the model for farmers.


What is up next for Trang College of Agriculture and Technology

                    Bachelor Degree in Plant Science in field of Para rubber and Palm Oil

The Areas of Excellences

                   1. Para rubber plantation 10.2 acres
                   2. Oil palm plantation 13.8 acres





                    Certificate level (3 years after grade 9) includes 4 major of subjects
                   1. Agriculture
                   2. Aquaculture
                   3. Food and Nutrition
                   4. Commerce
                   Diploma level (2 years after certificate/high school) includes 7 major of subjects
                   1. Agriculture
                   2. Plant Science
                   3. Animal science
                   4. Landscape Design
                   5. Aquaculture
                   6. Food and Nutrition  
                   7. Business Computer
                   Short/Intensive Course


Models of Learning

              Full Time Study
              DVT (Dual Vocational Training) with Farms in Thailand
              DVT (Dual Vocational Training) with Colleges/Farms in Israel and Denmark
              RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
              Short - course training in agriculture and technology to farmers or to rural people.




      Educational Management is divided into 7 Divisions
              Plant Science Division
              Animal Science Division
              Agro Mechanic Division
              General Basic Academic Division
              Agricultural Business Division
              Agro Industry Division
              Fishery Division

Plant Science Division
Animal Science Division
Agro Mechanic Division
General Basic Academic Division
Agricultural Business Division
Agro Industry Division
Fishery Division

College Personnel

                   Teaching Staff 79
                   Administrative Staff 5
                   Support Staff 31


Student Body

                   Certificate Student 372
                   Diploma Student 167



College Education Facilities

                   Extensive Library
                   Internet Facilities
                   Self-Access Learning Center
                   Comprehensive Sports Facilities
                   First Aid Room
                   Cafeteria and Dining Arrangements

College Education Services

                   In-house Boarding
                   Student Loans


Awards & Achievements

                   Awarded Outstanding College by OVEC in 1982
                   Awarded of Junior cooking Star in the South Cooking Contest
                   Got the Licensed for one of our innovation Rolling trap for catching fruit-fly
                   Winners for Innovation by New Generation in 2005, 2008 and 2009
                   Achieved Rayal Award Student in 2005 and 2010


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